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Cutting Edge Technology For Enterprise Graphs

megree has developed patent pending proprietary graph technology that is capable of showing how everyone in the world is socially connected to each other whether or not they are registered on any public social networking site. In addition to revealing a social connection, megree provides details on both the nature of the connection (e.g., School, Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, Family, etc.) and the strength of the connection (e.g., Strong Tie or Loose Tie).

megree’s dynamic search functionality allows searches to be conducted based on a variety of attributes from professional titles like “Dentist” or “Consultant” to nature of connection to other profile attributes (e.g. location). megree’s system is designed to incorporate data and interface data from disparate sources in a compliant manner that gives it an advantage to platforms solely based on either public or walled-off data.

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Cloud-based, SaaS solution requires no hardware or software - let megree manage the infrastructure.
Get up and running fast...megree uses a multitenant approach, so you can scale your implementation fast—without incurring high costs or waiting weeks or months.
megree's solution leverages cutting edge technology that makes enterprise graphing possible where traditional approaches have limited viability