Frequently Asked Questions

What is megree? Back to Top
megree is a social media tool that is capable of showing how you are connected to anyone in the world.
Why should I use megree? Back to Top
megree empowers you in a way no other social networking platform does by giving you an unrestricted view of your social connections. Moreover, megree details the nature of those connections (e.g., friend, business, family, school, etc.). This is useful for business, social or for charitable activities.

You should also use megree because it is about connecting with a purpose. megree seeks to show you how you are connected to people that you help through your charitable donations. In addition to this worthy use, megree can be used for general business or social reasons. Find your connection to a plumber, attorney, dentist or other service provider by simply typing the title in the search tool. megree will show you how you are connected. After you see a connection, you can either message the person directly if they have messaging turned on or you could forward the link to someone in the path to ask for an introduction.
Does it cost to use megree? Back to Top
No, megree is a free service for users. megree does receive a Transaction Fee on donations made through the megree platform.
Why do I need to share my contacts with megree? Back to Top
megree is rooted in the theory of six degrees of separation. That is, that all people are socially connected within six people or fewer. This starts with you telling megree who your first degree connections are. megree then builds out your social graph based upon the people you know.
What happens to my contacts added to megree? Back to Top
Your privacy is very important to us. megree never stores login information for your E-mail, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts. megree never shares your contacts in the aggregate nor does megree ever share any of your contacts’ E-mail address. The only time one of your contacts will be associated with you is when you and the contact have another person in common as a social connection. Moreover, megree limits the amount of information it will show about any person to their name, location, and professional title. Each individual can determine if they want to change their privacy settings regarding how much information they share. megree also searches publicly available information on the Internet so it is possible that the person you add is already in the megree system or has been added by another person.
Will megree E-mail or spam my contacts? Back to Top
No, megree will never spam your contacts. Only you can send a message to your contacts from megree.
What if I cannot find a connection to someone? Back to Top
Tell megree about the people you know, and tell the people you know about megree. The more people you tell megree you know the better chance megree can build a connection based upon its data. You can add more contacts to the system and this exponentially increases your chance of seeing a connection to another person.
Is my donation tax-deductible? Back to Top
megree only makes donations to US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit entities. When you make a donation, be sure to save and/or print the confirmation email you receive from megree for your records. If you have any questions about whether your donations are tax-deductible, please consult a tax professional or the nonprofit you donated to.
Is my donation secure? Back to Top
Yes, megree is a secure site. We use HTTPS to transmit all credit card information and megree uses Braintree Payment Solutions to safely and securely process all donations made through the megree platform. Braintree is not affiliated with megree, Inc. Your credit card information will not be shared with anyone. megree does not store your credit card information.
What is the Transaction Fee? Back to Top
While megree is dedicated to supporting non-profit and humanitarian causes, megree needs to be able to pay for hosting, employees, researching non-profits and other administrative costs of operating this platform. megree is a for-profit business that is committed to social entrepreneurship; that is, making a positive impact on society while returning value to its stakeholders.

For each dollar donated on megree, megree deducts 10%. There is also a credit card processing fee that payment processors charge of between two and three percent that is in addition to megree’s fee. Often non-profit groups will pay professional fundraisers 25% - 30% to help them raise funds. megree provides a lower cost solution that also seeks to bring in new donors to the non-profits.
When do Non-Profit organizations receive their donations? Back to Top
megree provides non-profits with their donations minus the Transaction Fee every 30 days. Donations will be forwarded on or about the 21st day of the month for donations made in the prior calendar month. megree reserves the right to modify payment time periods in its sole discretion. megree only holds the donations for the minimum amount of time needed to process these transactions.