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megree has developed a patent-pending technology that shows how everyone is socially connected. Most of us are unaware of the true reach of our social graph, despite the proliferation of social networking sites. megreeā€™s goal is to provide you a holistic view of your connections and the strength of those connections, working beyond the constraints of proprietary networks.

Our goal is to show how we are all connected, breaking down the existing social web silos.

Based in Washington D.C., megree launched in 2010 with the goal of providing social relevance and context for various causes. This was done with the belief that individuals are more likely to donate their time and money if they understood how closely they were connected to the beneficiary.

The need for relevance and context extends not just to individuals but also to enterprises, small businesses, and political campaigns. To address these needs, the company launched its Enterprise solution megreePro.

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