Who should use it?
SALES Turn cold calls warm and prioritize leads
based on connection strength
RECRUITING Discover multiple connections to relevant employees & prospective hires
NETWORKING Discover relationships with a potential vendor, business partner or competitor
SOCIAL SaaS A secure & private hosted solution for business « learn more »
ENTERPRISE GRAPH Create your organization's graph by aggregating public + private data
« what is an enterprise graph? »
SEARCH & DISCOVER Identify relevance of connections and connectivity strength

What is Social SaaS?

  • SaaS (or Software-as-a-Service) is a software delivery model that enables you access megree from any web browser, requiring now hardware or installation of your own equipment.
  • megree brings a social element to our SaaS solution, enabling you to search and connect across your entire social graph - and more importantly, across your company's social graph.
  • megree provides a broader capability than other social networking sites, and protects all company contact information.

What is an enterprise graph?

  • An enterprise graph is essentially the social graph of an organization. Your personal social graph includes all your connections, friends, & colleagues and your business' enterprise graph combines the social graphs of all employees to give everyone in the organization the ability to access and leverage the value of this composite graph.
  • An enterprise social graph also includes relationships among its employees, vendors, partners, customers, and the public.
  • Use megree to monitor and act on these relationships, to improve sales, form better teams, provide great customer service, and more!